Something Better - 2015 Devotional

Something Better - 2015 Devotional
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Quick Overview ďMake today and every day a hopeful prelude to something better.Ē Amid the stress and trials of life, we long for something better. This longing is nothing new. The Israelites in the wilderness searched for a better land. The Jews waited for deliverance and the opportunity to lead a better life. Today we still strive for something better. How can we best satisfy this craving of our souls? Join Calvin Rock as he investigates both the Old and New Testaments to answer this toughest of questions. Discover how the ancient sacrificial system can point to surrender in our daily lives. Realize the power of Godís covenants as they point to His promises for us today. Learn this and more as you embrace Godís Word in preparation for a blessed year and a brighter, better day.