Investigating the Judgment

Investigating the Judgment
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Doesn't God know everything? But then why have any judgment at all? Could God be interested in showing Himself to be fair?

This book is the culmination of 20 years of study. The author delves into Jewish traditions of Yom Kippur and analyzes the meaning of tsadaq ("cleansed" in Daniel 8:14, KJV) by tracing its use in dozens of passages. He examines accounts of divine retribution from Genesis to Revelation and finds that God follows consistent patterns in the process, inviting His creatures to investigate before He executes judgment.

The pre-Advent judgment is not so much about prophetic charts or dates as it is about the trustworthiness of a God who stoops to allow human beings to examine His rulings in order to establish confidence in His justice. This work will inspire a deeper faith in one of the clear teachings of Scripture.