Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White

Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White
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The story of the early life of Ellen G. White and her experiences from very childhood in winning souls to Christ, as told in this volume in her own simple language presents to the reader a most interesting narrative of Christian ministry.

Whether traveling by horse and carriage in the New England States of America, by canal boat in Central New York, with a train of emigrant teams in Texas and Oklahoma, by tourist railroad trains to California, or by the great ocean steamers crossing the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, or wherever she might be, she sought to improve every opportunity to speak to the people "all the words of this life."

This little book is not the reproduction of any one of the author's works. It is a selection from her writings as found in many books and periodicals. Its presentation of the privileges and duties of the faithful Christian is clear and inspiring. Its pictures of the Christian's reward are beautiful and thrilling.